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Sunday April 5 Class and Sermon material

Good morning Woodland Hills family,

We have two sermons and one Adult Bible Class video ready today  

Rob and Andy present via video Lesson 5 in the One Covenant class.

Dillon presents Give God the Glory, also with video.

Drew presents Dealing with Trouble, also with video .

Update Woodland Hills church of Christ

We are truly living in unusual times. However, based on all of the news and current events going on around us we would like to update everyone on what we believe to be our current status.

  1. All services (at the building) are canceled through April 15th.
  2. Dillon Jarrett had a live Facebook stream of his Wednesday evening bible class last night, if anyone needs any help accessing this, please let us know.
  3. Rob Mackey and Andy Parsons will have a video available, through the website, of the Sunday morning adult classes.
  4. We will continue to post new sermon videos on the website for each Lord’s day
  5. If anyone would like to pick up some sermon CD’s to listen to, please let one of the elders know.
  6. Contribution – it is perfectly acceptable if you simply hold your contribution until we are able to meet again. If you would like you may mail it to Andy Parsons’ home address, it will be deposited. Please do not mail it to the building.
  7. Lord’s Supper – if anyone needs additional supplies, please let one of the elders know, we will make appropriate arrangements to get them to you.
  8. Finally, if anyone wishes to be baptized, or needs to have a discussion with the elders, please contact one of us. We will respond to you immediately.

We pray that everyone will come through this difficult time safely and pray that we will all be together again very quickly.

You are in our prayers constantly. If anyone needs anything, regardless of the request, please let one of the elders know.


The Elders

David Farrand - 918.645.2744

Wilson Forrest – 918.639.5644

Steve Jarrett – 918.557.1920

Rob Mackey – 918.812.2584

Andy Parsons – 918.640.0521

Read Your Bible This Year

It’s a brand new year so there’s no better time to develop your plan to grow deeper in God’s word this year.  Why not plan to read through the entire Bible this year?  You can use our schedule here.